All sessions will take place at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State.
Open to the public.

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Thursday, September 20 

EXPO and flash talks on NC projects  (Hunt Library, Duke Energy Hall, 2nd floor)


Andrew Fox, NC State (College of Design)
“Coastal Dynamics Design Lab”

Barbara Doll, NC State (College of Engineering/WRRI)
“Cashie River and Town of Windsor Flood Mitigation Study”

Bethany Cutts, NC State (College of Natural Resources)
“Dismantling environment injustice through local sustainability projects —the Water Connects Milwaukee (WI, USA) case”

Caroline Lindquist, City of Raleigh
“Dorothea Dix Park: The Evolution of America’s Next Great Park”

Kathryn Stevenson and Zhenzhen Zang, NC State (Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management & College of Natural Resources)
“Connecting Children to Nature in an Urbanizing World”

Patricia Savage, Artist
“Illustrating Sea Level Rise”

Perver Baran, NC State (College of Natural Resources & College of Design)
” InVision Raleigh: An Innovative 3D Public Engagement Tool for Next Generation Planning”

Viney Aneja, NC State (Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences)
“Ozone in Urban North Carolina: A Sustainability Case Study”

Roland Kays, NC State (College of Natural Resources) & NC Museum of Natural Sciences
“Wild Suburbia”

Vallari Sheel, NC State (College of Natural Resources)

Kaberi Kar Gupta, Urban Slender Loris Project & NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Friday, September 21 

Session I — Defining the Range of Issues in Urban Sustainability (Hunt Library, Creativity Studio, 4th floor)

9:00 am – 12:15pm

Fred Gould, NC State (Entomology & GES Cluster)
“Welcome to the First Annual RL Rabb Symposium”

Tim Beatley,  University of Virginia (Urban and Environmental Planning)
“Biophilic cities”

Andy Grieshop,  NC State (Engineering)
Urban Energy: Services, Opportunities and Challenges”

Break: 10:15 am – 10:45 am

Raymond Guiteras, NC State (Agricultural and Resource Economics & WaSH Cluster)
“Clean Water in Dhaka’s Slums”

Vivek Fellner,  NC State (Animal Science)
“Livestock and Urban Diversity”

Geeta Wahi Dua & Brijender Dua, LA: Journal of Landscape Architecture
“Delhi: Hills, Forests and a River—Mapping History and Nature”

Lunch — 12:15 – 1:30 (Hunt Library, Faculty Research Commons, 5th floor)

Session II — Visualizing Urban Sustainability (Hunt Library, Teaching and Visualization Lab, 4th floor)

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

 Lalo de Almeida, Folha de São Paulo
“Altamira – The Impacts of the Belo Monte Dam”

Nicolás Cuvi,  FLACSO-Ecuador (Anthropology, History, and Humanities Department)
“Historical Images and Landscape The Biosphere of Quito: History and Present Situation”

Break: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Naila Mahmood, Vasl Artists Association
“Inner City Kitchens in Karachi”

Raju Vatsavai & Erik Wibbels, NC State (Computer Science & Geospatial Analytics Cluster) & Duke University (Political Science)
“Combining Machine Vision and Field Surveys to Locate and Understand Slums in Urban India”

Session III — Case Studies using Interdisciplinary Approaches (Hunt Library, Duke Energy Hall, 2nd Floor)

4:15 pm – 7:00 pm

Lise Sedrez, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (History)
“The Suspended Gardens of Babilonia Hill: Climate Challenge, Reforestation and Violence in 20th Century Rio de Janeiro”

David Gilmartin, NC State (History)
“River Basin Transformation and Cities: the Case of the Indus”

Madhusudan Katti, NC State (Forestry and Environmental Resources & Public Science Cluster)
“Reconciliation Ecology for the Sustainable City”

Robert Moog, NC State (Political Science)
“Courts as Saviors or Hollow Hope: Lessons from the Delhi Pollution Case”

Duarte Morais, NC State (People-First Tourism Lab)
“Connecting Urbanites and Rural Microentrepreneurs with Visual Methods”

Dinner — 7:15 – 8:30 (Hunt Library, Faculty Research Commons, 5th floor)

Saturday, September 22

Workshop:  Next Steps and Potential Collaborative Projects (Hunt Library, Duke Energy Hall, 2nd Floor)

9:30 am – 10:15 am — “Flash Talks”

Priya Shyamsundar,  The Nature Conservancy & SANDEE
“The Nature Conservancy in Coimbatore”

Angela Harris, NC State (Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering & WaSH Cluster)
“Ruminants Contribute to Fecal Contamination to the Urban Household Environment in Dhaka Bangladesh” 

Erin Sills, NC State (Forestry and Environmental Resources)
“Evaluating Impacts of Policy Debates”

Sandria B. Freitag, NC State (History)
“Civil Society’s Role in Refining and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in India”

Kaberi Kar Gupta, Urban Slender Loris Project & NC Museum of Natural Sciences
“Citizen Science and Ecology”

Frederico Freitas, NC State (History & Visual Narrative Cluster)
“Raleigh as Pilot for Digital Humanities Study of Historic Urban Photographs”

Kalyani Raj, All India Women’s Conference
“Advocacy and Activism Through International, National and Local Collaborations”

Break: 10:15 am – 10:30 am

10:30 am — Identification of potential projects and collaborations

Lunch — 11:45 am – 12:30 pm (Hunt Library, Faculty Research Commons, 5th floor)